Wednesday, June 13, 2012

P.Dickson Day Trip

Hi Mel, can you see me? I'm here to post our Port Dickson history =) hahaha...
Is actually a sudden plan because we actually wanted to go Sepang Beach on last wednesday, but since both of us scare we will get sesat so we change our plan to PD. So Miss Melanie reach my house around 3pm? Then i went to Public bank to settle my car loan, i felt that i'm so stupid, i don't even know what is my acc number =( But anyway is my first about it >,<!!! U know both of us really "mou dak gao"...we sambil minum sambil Damn happening right? Wuahahhaa...kena saman baru tau! So we gossip about the girls, the guys, money, life, relationship, travel...anything...just cannot stop talking. But we reach quite fast, i think it takes around 1 hour to reach the beach. We went to few beach and it is quite dirty, so we tried to find the cleaness one and lepak there. We took some stupid sakai picture then we edit the picture...Was really damn funny wei~
We had our dinner at McD cause our Miss Mel say she want to eat Nuggets...But the McD in PD cantik sekali, location just beside the beach...Nice view and we do enjoy for the food and environment!

The ever best thing to do ~ Jump Jump Jump!

*Minum, jangan tak minum!*

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