Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hair Rebonding

Mua New Hair Style for year 2012!
Love it for temporary..Not sure what happen after i wash tomorrow (>,<), Hopefully maintain current look!

 Today super tired, Woke up 9am this morning. Plan to cook breakfast for sister,but i'm too sleepy so i message her to take leave..hahaha..Mommy dapao wantan mee for me. Then i went to work around 10am. First class at batu 11...parents and teachers surrounding me..Need to mark down quantity of leotards and halfshoes...Panic..After class, went to lunch with my assistant and fetch her home. Then i need to went back school again for second class....Class finish at 3.45pm..Everything settle down and directly go another class...Hungry dou...Luckily today's their performance still quite ok, so no extra class needed...But i'm really tired cause they request me to dance with them..Lazy me. Class finish at 6.45pm..My next destination..Hair Salon! Sister help me to book gosh, rush like hell but in the end late too..Managed to fix my hair with super fast hair stylish but i feel my head skin so painful while they pulling it..What to do,late dy. Everyone wanna balik ma...Reach home like 10pm+..No one's home, pity me. No food and lazy to go out. Quickly shower then wait sister dapao for me. But never eat much too cause i feel so sleepy =(...Take good rest tonight ba.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Is just only tuesday!

Last night had a good good time with my buddies! We went to Beer Factory with Mel, Han Chon, Joe, Ethan, Kent, Tony and Anthony..(and his friend). Someone keep asking me, why i ask them out, because it is just only tuesday man, why why? It must be something goes wrong with me. Then i never answer him and keep smiling. So...Melanie came to fetch me around 9.30pm...thank you sweety. Reach there about 10pm..Then start drinking beer...tiger tiger..Then all of them reach and bla bla bla..nothing much to describe...Just normal friends gathering..I order the cheesy wedges with bacon, not nice @(>.<)@( Please don't try k?)  I ask Mel to accompany we to go next door to play some games..i forgotten what is the name,but is fun and i like it! Will ask my friend to go next time. Yup! Around 1am+...went home to sleep..That's it! CNY is around the corner le...i'm not prepare yet! shit~!

Fun time during training with my gymnast =)

Monday, January 16, 2012

No Title...

Today i'm back to my blogger life.To be honest i am really unhappy at this moment..But i am trying to not worried,not paying attention and not bother about the case now. And it is really really hard. I just want to be myself again..I am so lost now until i can't make any decision =( Please please..I just want to be simple,be normal..i can feel the "emo" is coming towards me..Fuck it! Please just stop bullshit!

-First diary for year 2012-
Today woke up quite late, as usual 10am..then started to shoot some nice photo for my Bellamodo Boutique..But the picture result was really sucks..Forget about it ba..Then i went to pos office to help sister to send her pos laju...Very very rush..Reach my class late =( Quickly start the class..Non stop scolding them..competition is too near and i'm stress...Really stress..No one could understand my feeling..2 school asking for good result..I'm trying my best k? One of the gymnast parents gave me a box of chocolate because of chinese new year. Thank you Xiao Thong! After class, went to mines to get some new clothes and facial. I can feel my skin is much more better now, and i manage to get some nice stuff! Happy happy...Went home around 8pm and ate my dinner alone..Mommy cook dark sauce chicken wing, very delicious! Then went out again for movie..funny and stupid movie,if you feel bored maybe you can try k?
This morning dad ask me about my car...I going to buy new car soon =)
Guess should be after CNY ba..
Which color is nice?

Still not sure which one...Panic!
K, is late now and i'm sleepy...Good night..