Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Love BBQ!

A new makan place found in kl =) Anyone dislike BBQ? Seriously i love BBQ, maybe at least once in a month! Yup i know is bad for health but however i still like it.
1. I love BBQ plaza, which is a thailand BBQ restaurant, famous with their delicious pork supreme set, cheap and special sauce! Thumbs up, it makes me feel very satisfy especially when i'm hungry =)

2. Dao Re Korea BBQ is my first choice if you ask which restaurant i prefer. Original Pork belly is awesome, but must together with kimchi soup! perfect combination ever..HAHAHA...

3. Nak Won Korea BBQ, i guess is the cheapest one in kl. Please take noted, most of the restaurant usually want you to order at least 2 types of meat , but in Nak Won you can order 1 type. So if you're not a meat lover, you can consider about it k?

4. Yakiniku Japanese BBQ, favourite food when i was 18~21 years old. Bacon bacon+ mushroom! Slurp...i want to visit the restaurant soon!

5. Wong Ah Wa BBQ chicken wing, nearby changkat bukit bintang. For all the clubbing kaki, siapa tak kenal "dai pai dong" ni? Hahaha...You must try if you love chicken wing! Believe me!!!

So this is the one i tried on last saturday, not VERY awesome for me =( But maybe it will taste better with BEER~

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