Thursday, November 3, 2011

Anyong Hasaiyo, Korea 2011

안녕하세요 =)
Meaning Hello!!!
Here is my late post for my happy, fun, awesome Korea trip! I love Korea, i like their food, their weather, i like their culture, i like their fashion, i like their make up, and i love K-pop! I will definitely visit korea again!! The trip was amazing, i ate alot and I'm so fat now..Tee hee >.<. Oh ya, we do learn Kim-Chi, taste good, and we also tried alive octopus. I hate that, so disgusting and geli. It was too much for me to describe so just let the picture do talking =)
Pretty blue sky and fresh air before we touch down at korea international airport.

In the bus...

Korea Neverland, Entrance

Selfmake Kim-Chi, wanna try?

I think this is funny...Look at his face...

Korea Famous Ginseng Chicken Soup.
Breakfast at Jeju Island, Love the seaweed!
~Out Fit Of The Day~

Macam Ada Gaya!


I love this so so much! Slurp!!!

Bimbim-Bap, delicious!

Seafood Stemboat, so so for me only. Don't really like seafood.

So called abalone porridge! Kena abalone.

Dragon Head Stone

Oh no...Tired!

Black Pig, We gonna eat u later >.<! Sorry!

Funny fish eye effect from my camera! hahhaa..

Tea Time, Mocha!!!

Dinasour Garden!

Ghost Road..

Please take note that you need to purchase another Air Ticket if you wanna visit Jeju Island =),
 Is around RM300+ per ticket.


The only i won't forget in my life!!! Slurp!!! Spicy and delicious Pork, 炒年糕!
Must Try, Must hav!!!

My friends...

Sorry, it was to much photo for me to edit, Stay tuned!