Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life is all about food =)

If you ask me what i wish to do on weekends i will tell you honestly i will say food, food and more food =) Yummy yummy...Yeh, i love to cari makan! Any nice food to recommend me? Let's share, sharing means caring right? And I'm lucky because although i eat a lot but i won't get fat easily...Erm, maybe just on my face..>,<!!!

This is one of my favourite food..Must have at least once a month, Korean BBQ!
Sri Petaling Restaurant "Dao Re"! Delicious and Standard price, not like some of the korean BBQ charge you damn expensive. My must order item, pork and kimchi soup.

You may also like this if you love pork pork! I just tried on last friday, quite nice but too much of roasted pork. Nice place for dinner and Lambogini chef, it means they can well prepared your food within few minutes. Publica "" restaurant.

Food can cheer me up when i'm hungry! For your info, i must eat if you want to make me happy! Hahahaha...Nando's! Disini ada banyak ayam, sounds familiar right? My only choice, 1/4 mild peri chicken, peri chips and coleslaw!

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