Monday, May 16, 2011

Plan B & Birthday Part 2

Weekends again =) Went to bangsar Plan B restaurant with my boy on saturday night. Very healthy dinner for me since my stomach not feeling well for quite some times dy. We order sandwiches and burger for main dish plus caesar salad =) Hmm...Rate them 3 star only le, not very nice. But environment not bad le..After dinner..both of us argue ><...wuwu...sorry..Let the bad thing pass, welcome the new 1 okie? Muacks..Remember what we promise each other ya.
 Serious face looking at the menu...what to eat leh? Pork? Beef ? Fish? Baby? Oh..No><...
 Drinks...Mineral water...Need more?
 See his face...growing like a monster dy...hahahaha...kidding!
 My 1 leh...Mushroom !
 Salad lover!

Continue my post for the previos weekends...Mua birthday part 2 celebration with kaki clubbing sekalian !

Was seriously K>O that night..I'm nt drunk k? Just tipsy...enough for me..Drunk means i'm dead...means need someone to carry me out from the club like a "mayat"..Hell no for me..Pls! Actually that night was suppose to celebrate at "Mist" bangsar. But due to our "helpful" friends, i think they failed to book the table and so fucking last minute..i really no idea what should i do k?Luckily bobo 1 of my friend she managed to get me a empty slot for me. God bless the place is quite big and can fit in at least 10 person. Everyone should know that it is not easy for you to book a table in phuture on saturday night. Cis, no next time dy! But my sister and friends all show up that we actually quite enjoy and was so happening lor~ Thanks to all my friends, Mel, Neecole, WaiMun, Han Chon, Kit, Franky, Nicky, Perry, Liew, Kyo, and some new friends.

The End Of My birthday for 2011...
And i just realize i forgotten to take picture with my boy...Sad!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Birthday 2011

My buffday celebration with nht gang on 30 April:
A very simple dinner at the curve Apartment, bad food and bad environment..Thanks for the gift,that's the only thing could make me smile on that night..Then after dinner, continue our second round at malones. The guys wanted so much to "Kap Lui" at went to the club and one of my friend just suddenly went home without saying bye to us. Was kinda tipsy that night,but..still not enough for me =P Anyway,thanks for coming to my buffday party.

My birthday celebration with family on 1st May:
Yeah! We went to elcerdo changkat to have our family dinner. So everything there is about pork pork pork and pork..Haha..we can't even finish half of it...scary..we r not meat lover anyway..Lol..thanks mommy to be my driver on that night,love you. And also both of my sister too..i am still waiting for my present. hahahhaa...too bad le,the shoes out of stock already =( kinda upset..Not much picture on that day,and i realize that i seriously need to diet...No photo allow for this week...My face like moon!

My birthday celebration wit my gymnast on 2 May:
Received my student's call on saturday to date me out on monday to have dinner with me. Well, i went to fetch them nearby my house around 8pm and we decided to go full house. Happy mou my student? Haha..what else?Camwhore la...Non stop and like monkey donkey...paiseh~ My fav lemon fish sold out on that night,was craving so long dy...wuwu...anyway,i like the spaghetti as well =) Thanks for the present ya Mui Mui~

Actual day 4 May 2011:
Sigh, the whole day busy about work work work,training training only. Birthday also need to work until 6pm..Sob...Sob..My student and bos suprise me with the orange birthday cake! Thanks alot...And i know you guys can sing very well...hahaha! Please have a look at the video!After training, went to someone's house and wait him for 1 and half hours..till my face from red turn to green color..Lol..Nothing special about that night, just a simple dinner ...And alot of "fantastic" memories.But i reallly like the food, eating dinner alone and i managed to finish it =) Good Job!

 That's all...

Thursday went to shopping with sis, no...i mean food shopping with my sister =) Makan time, delicous!I can't stop laughing for her picture...dai tao pok!

 Wee...I'm going to club tomorrow =) Wait for my second post!