Thursday, February 16, 2012


Happy Holiday..10 February 2012! My first visit to phuket which is so famous for Bloody hell "Pondan", Happening Party heaven and Sexy sexy bitch. I really like the beach because it was clean and clear.Lol..Although we only spent 2 nights there, but is more than enough and it is fun,crazy and memorable. I just gonna simply share few picture here because i still haven get all the picture yet! Love the beach and sunshine =)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lazy day...

Oops...1.42am now..
Need to sleep dy, haven pack my luggage yet. So lazy =(
3 more days count down for my phuket trip, all things not settle yet.
Today bring my gymnast to water park, now sunburn dy. Face red color and like malay,later this friday go phuket become indian come back.
Ish...Good Night!

Monday, February 6, 2012

New Family's Member

My peanut princess came out to visit us on 27 Jan 2012. Congratulations and welcome to this world baby =) Xiao Mommy sayang ya, i would like to pamper you like my small princess too. But you don't try to bully me k? Hehe...Muacks!See she is crying, not yet shower le..Sticky sticky smelly peanut!
 Thank you Mommy Chan! Xin Ku ni le~Rest well ba...
Peanut you must faster grow until fat fat chubby chubby k? So only xiao mommy can gulung you =P Can't wait to play with you dy now....

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CNY 2012

Wow...So fast tomorrow is the final day for 2012 CNY...
I don't want ar...Please please please....=(
But i really enjoy alot during this CNY, let's just forget about all the bad things and start your f*cking new life kay? However i wish all of my family, my lover, my student, my friends, the one who reading my blog had a super happy Chinese New Year, Good luck in whatever you doing, all the best and money COME COME... Most important is good good body condition and great health in this year!

Party before CNY
...Picture picture time..So lazy to describe too much...Sorry!
Our pretty KarMun birthday. Dinner at PJ area which i really not familiar and totally forgotten the restaurant name..Still waiting for camera girl for editing the photo...So here is the guys one, taken by my Iphone =) Nice shoot..,i guess..Spot the birthday girl and all the beast...hahahhaa...

-Reunion Day-
 This is the day all the outstation kaki need to balik kampung..See, KL actually leave few cats only =P No traffic jam, no parking problem no people mountain people sea~ Overnight at Mr Ooi house, woke up late then went to cari makan..He introduce me some new pearl milk bubble tea brand..Don't know you guys hear before not...Go get yourself the original pearl milk tea...see what is different inside! Will suprise you,promise!

Korean Food in ampang point for our lunch, and so call our reunion dinner...Yummy yummy, it makes me think of it now..When can i eat again Mr Ooi? Craving for it le...Nice soup and kimchi!

Balik Home for helping family and dinner together at 4pm. Mom gave me big suprise for decorate the living room, maybe you guys feel not so "Kua Jeong" geh, but i first time saw her doing hmm...yeah, just feel suprise =) Thanks mom.Steamboat with pregnant woman Emmy and mommy, daddy, Sis in law and brother's family.

Midnight, managed to gao tim my nails! Must pretty abit ma Chinese New Year..

Chor 1: Gong Xi Fatt Chai
Woke up morning cause need to Bai Nin. Nothing much to desribe, just let the picture do talking =)

Chor 2 - Chor 4
Busy for visiting friend's house and gamble only >.<... So happy won a lot this year, next year scare jor.. I ate alot in this new year...Fat dou...

 Dinner in Golden Dragon Boat, 5 dishes for RM750 ...Sweat!

Nice food found in The Gardens, Mid Valley. "Pastis". Love the spaghetti there =) Food portion quite big, must share by 2 person.

Of course, Drinking session! Brussels Ampang, thanks Mr Jasper introduce me the funky drinking bottle! Nice drinks~ That night 1 glass can gao tim me dy...WTH...